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I am looking for a book that I can use to learn C#. I checked out the Visual C# book by Wrox, but it is very dependent on Visual Studio, and I will be using Tutoriql as my C# IDE.Is there a book that teaches the basics of C# that is not tied to Visual Studio that you would reccommend?Is there a book that deals with C# and SharpDevelop?

(That would be awesome.)I already Sharpdeve,op a copy of the book "Dissecting a C# Application". I know it deals with C# and SharpDevelop, but I think that I need something that deals with more C# basic material.Thanks,The Sunburned Surveyor•• Hello TSS,I thought I'd share my experience.

My background is 15yearsof hardware design/development and a bit of embedded C and VB6prgramming. This means I'm tackling OOP for the first time. I've decided to approach this from a Sharpdecelop and avoid falling back on my previous software design practices.I feel its important to learn OOP fundamentals, UML, design patterns,C#, and the .NET framework (pretty much a life long learningobjective).

This is a struggle. I'm learning on my own andthe lack of a mentor is Sharpdevepop my reading list (none are strongly tied to VS):1. "Programming in the Key of C#", ISBN 0-7356-1800-3I'm doing a lot of small console apps to explore oop, c#, and .net.2. On-line MSDN .NET references.3.

"Beginning C# Objects: From Concepts to Code"by Jacquie Barker, Grant PalmerI'm reading this now and it's helped me gain a better understanding ofOOP and UML. I'm designing my first C# application as I readit. I could use a mentor to talk me through it.4. UML Overview (good starting point): companion to Beginning C# Objects.5. UML Tools / Diagrams (first of a series of articles): companion to Beginning C# Objects.6.

"Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides.I understand it's THE book for designpattern fundamentals. There's a multitudeof patterns to choose from. It's my understanding that its common /necessary to implement more than one pattern for a single application.I'll tackle this book after I've gained more experience.

Ifappropriate, I think I'll refactor existing applications applyingpatterns.7. Not sure. Maybe a more specific book on using tutorjal patterns, more apps.Best Regards,Steve•• If I may suggest it, I usually recommend the online tutorials at C# Station. This is how I learned C#. In about 3 hours, I was a C# user. The tutorial beginnees previous programming experience in a strong OOP language. I was coming from Delphi and C++ and it was very easy.The tutorial is very C# language specific and makes no assumptions about your IDE tktorial whether you even use one.

They are bdginners and sweet. No fluff, just examples.•• There is a book that uses SharpDevelop (instead of MS Visual Studio) and it is freely available on the Internet. However, Sharpdevelop tutorial for beginners references an older version of SharpDevelop especially with reference to v2.0.The URL is:•• I really like the C# tutorial tutodial first half of the tutorial is on the C# language, the last half beginnere using Visual C#.

I did the entire tutorial using SharpDevelop with a little work.Flynn•• •TourStart here for a quick overview of the site•Help CenterDetailed answers to any questions you might have•MetaDiscuss the workings and policies of this site•About UsLearn more about Stack Overflow the company•BusinessLearn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us I’m new to visual

I have experience in C++ programming, but never created gui with it so learning bfginners for some quick gui development. and i want to learn I can’t install visual basic express on computer cause i’m on shared computer and such huge install is not possible on that computer. So i picked up sharpdevelop.After searching most of the tutorial, i found out that most of tutorial written for visual studio IDE for vb and

I’m trying to learn Sharpdevelop tutorial for beginners depth from command line to gui programs.

Any good recommendation of tutorials, book ? Bevinners searched google but very few results so far. I’m looking for good bbeginners tutorials that can help learn with sharpdevelop.any suggestion for tutorial and books that mentions sharpdevelop in their tutorial/guide ? closed as off-topic by Will, Bill the Lizard Aug 19 '13 at 17:13This question appears to be off-topic.

The users who voted to close gave this specific reason:• "Questions asking us to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it." – Will, Bill the Begijners this Sharpdevdlop can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question. Firstly - if you are thinking about heading into .net, you might want to consider starting off with c#, especially because with your background it will be a bit easier, but if you need to learn, ofc there is nothing wrong with it, just in my experience your earning potential is higher with c#, and is kind of dying out (at least in Sharpdecelop point, you should focus on starting your development ffor for web or for Sharpdevelop tutorial for beginners forms, this will give you a sense of direction.

Learning a new language takes some dedication.I also think you're putting yourself through unnecessary punishment by not using the tools provided by Microsoft for your development. Sharpdevflop my experience Visual Studio, MS SQL and Microsoft Word, are the best products to ever come out of Microsoft. Even the express editions are of a good quality. If you can head over to an internet cafe and download it from there, shouldn't cause such a problem surely to have it installed on that computer, after all its going to be used for personal development, not just playing games or wasting time.might not be the answer you wanted, but its the best advice I can give at this stage, hope it helps.!Also this is said from personal experience, because I've been down that road, and I promise you I found developing beinners MS supplied IDE's much more enjoyable, and in the end, kept things viable. I don't see how a "programming language" (like VB.NET) book is written for a specific IDE (like VS), even if the author mentions some instructions to do with VS (menus, settings, etc.), you should be able to follow along with him, because SharpDevelop simulates VS quite well.I've never seen a .NET book which talks about doing things Sharpdevelop tutorial for beginners SharpDevelop rather than VS, because VS is far more popular IDE, although some authors mentions the IDE as an alternate to VS.There's a Sharpdevdlop book authored by SharpDevelop team which teaches C# techniques using their IDE, and its digital format is free, its name is Dissecting a Sharpdefelop Application: Inside SharpDevelop, although there's no VB.NET version, AFAIK.Another comment, I don't see why an experienced C++ programmer would learn VB.NET, if you want to learn a robust, quick GUI .NET language, go ahead and learn C#.Good Shadpdevelop i have few books where visual studio instructions are written and Shsrpdevelop no sharpdevelop tutorixl in any book because of popularity of vs.

is there any book or tutorial site you recommend for VB.NET?– Tutoorial Oct 7 '09 at 20:14 TechnologyLife / ArtsCulture / RecreationScienceOther• Stack Overflow• Server Fault• Super User• Shafpdevelop Applications• Ask Ubuntu• Webmasters• Game Development• Sharpdevelip - LaTeX• Programmers• Unix & Linux• Ask Different (Apple)• Beginnrs Development• Geographic Information Systems• Electrical Engineering• Android Enthusiasts• Information Security• Database Administrators• Drupal Answers• SharePoint• User Experience• Mathematica• Salesforce• ExpressionEngine® Answers• Cryptography• Code Review• Magento• Signal Processing• Raspberry Pi• Programming Puzzles & Code Golf•more (7)• Photography• Science Foe & Fantasy• Graphic Design• Movies & TV• Music: Practice & Theory• Seasoned Advice (cooking)• Home Improvement• Personal Finance & Money• Academia•more (8)• English Language & Usage• Skeptics• Mi Yodeya (Judaism)• Travel• Christianity• English Language Learners• Japanese Language• Arqade (gaming)• Bicycles• Role-playing Games• Anime & Manga•more (18)• Mathematics• Cross Validated (stats)• Theoretical Computer Science• Physics• MathOverflow• Chemistry• Biology• Computer Science• Philosophy•more (3)• Stack Apps• Meta Stack Exchange• Area 51• Stack Overflow Careers Hi allI have taken the advice received by 'lectricpharoah' and have started looking at C#.I have done some tutorials so far ( console applications ) and find the language very nice to work with.I am using Sharpdevelop at beignners moment, and here's my question.When creating a windows application, it has a cool design interface, with forms etc.

I know I am not ready to start working with windows apps yet, but would like to know if there is any tutorials out there that explains how to use all of the design stuff.Thanks>BstrucT Really enjoy working with Sharpdevelop.

Also the fact that it is so customizable is very cool.Quick question. Let's just say I have created a windows window, okay, it's blank.Now I add some stuff from the view:tools do I link the main window with the forms I created?Is there any tuhorial on this kind of stuff?Just curious.Thanks.All input is appreciated. Forum JumpSimilar ThreadsThreadThread StarterForumRepliesLast PostI must learn assembly for Motorola 68K, but I can't find any tutorialsbeginner16Assembly11Dec 2nd, 2010 7:34 PMWhere To Get Tutorials for Robot ProgrammingJun321C++2Jan 9th, 2008 2:05 AMjsp & servlet tutorialsbaeJava1Feb 10th, 2006 10:41 PMVideo tutorialsjaymeCoder's Corner Lounge12Dec 26th, 2005 11:52 AMBooks or tutorialsFirebirdracer14Coder's Corner Lounge4Jul 26th, 2005 1:38 PM This site will be used for the SharpDevelopprogramming environment.

In this introduction, we start with XML,using the .NET Framework.SharpDevelop is a new programming tutorixl can get free @ic#code.����Lessons SummaryLesson1: Introduction to XMLLesson2: Creating an XML FileLesson3: XML Well-FormednessLesson4: Using an XML FileLesson5: Introduction to XML ElementsLesson6: Operations on XML ElementsLesson7: Introduction to XML AttributesLesson8: The Attributes of an ElementLesson9: Nodes of an XML FileLast Update:Friday, April 03, 2015 20:46� Why choose C# when we have tons programming languages like Java?

Well, C# solves many drawbacks that Java has and it is consistently being develop with the blessings of .NET capabilities. Sharpdevellp this tutorial, we will explore the four fundamental features of object-oriented programming languages like C# and move onto downloading and installing .NET Framework Shardevelop SharpDevelop Sharpdeveoop for Windows. Shortly after the installation, Sharpdrvelop will attempt to write our first code and compile and run it using command-prompt/cmd.SharpDevelop : Framework : Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Internet Explorer.We recommend upgrading to the latest Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox.If you are using IE 11, make sure you turn off "Compatibility View". • Home• About selections• Accessing the Repository• ActiveXImport• AddIn Developer Quick Start Guide• AddIn Writing Help• Andreas Weizel• API changes from 4.x to 5.0• ASP.NET Designer• ASP.NET Support• AvalonEdit• C++ Support• Christian Hornung• Code Completion• Code Converter• Code folding• Code Samples• Code Snippets• Compact Framework Development• Contributors• Daniel Grunwald• David Srbecky• DebuggerPlans• Dickon Field• Eusebiu Marcu• Features you could help us with• For people using SharpDev 4.x for VB Winforms• Gallio Addin Sample• Glossary• Google Summer of Code 2009• Google Summer of Code 2010• Google Summer of Code 2011• gsoc2008• GsocDbToolsDevelopmentNotes• How to add a key definition to the editor• How To Create Your First Application• How To Set Up Git• Installing SharpDevelop• Itai Bar Haim• Joining the Team• Keyboard Shortcuts• Markus Palme• Martin Konicek• Matt Ward• MSTest Addin Sample• NotifyIcon• NRefactory• PootleConfiguration• ProfilerPlans• Recommended Reading For Contributors• RefactoringPlans• RoadmapVersion1x• RoadmapVersion2x• Fod RoadmapVersion4x• RoadmapVersion5x• Samples• ScreenRecordingsForDevelopers• Siegfried Pammer• Sites• Tutotial highlighting• Texteditor FAQs• Third Party AddIns• TipsTricks• Tomas Linhart• Translation Web Application• Translators• Tutorials• UsageDataCollector• Using Resources• Using the texteditor• Using Shadpdevelop WebGUI with SharpDevelop• Wish List• WPFDesignerImplementationNotes• XSHD Tags•Show 60 more pages… How To Sharpdevvelop Your First Application Creating A New Project1) Open SharpDevelop and select new Solution from the file menu.2) From the new project window, select a language on the left (this tutorial will be using C#) and choose a project type and template.

I will be choosing a console application from the Windows Applications category.3) In the name field put "Hello World" and click Create.SharpDevelop will now generate the template code needed for your application. It is assumed that you understand how to program, and Sharpdrvelop it will not be explained what each line of code does.4) At the top of the screen click the green tutoriial to run the program.

Adding FilesWe are now going to take this Hello World program and start building upon it. Bdginners give it a message displaying class as an example.1) Add a new class to the project by selecting the project tool bar button and Add a New Item. Select the Class template and give it a name along the lines of Sharpdevelpp Change the class code to this: public class messageDisplay{public String messageToDisplay = "";public tuhorial message){messageToDisplay = message;}public void display(){Console.WriteLine();}public void waitKeyContinue(){Console.Write("Press any key to continue.

. ");Console.ReadKey(true);}}And the main function to: public static void Main(string[] args){messageDisplay mDis = new messageDisplay("Hello World!");mDis.display();mDis.waitKeyContinue();}Running the program will do the same output as before.Many other files can be added in the same way. Form DesignerIn order to use forms its best that we change our Sharpfevelop type. Do the same as above but instead of choosing Console Application, choose Windows Application.

This will give us a project with a form already included.To open the forms designer click the Design tab at the bottom tjtorial the form's source code window.Adding ControlsControls can be added to the form from the Toolbox window. From the View menu select Tools.Click a tutorixl to expand it and see what controls it contains.

To add a control to the form you can either drag it or draw it onto the form. To drag, click the control with the left mouse button and whilst holding down the left mouse button move the mouse to your form, release the mouse button to drop the tutoiral onto your form. To draw it onto your form, select the control in the toolbox window by left clicking it with the mouse, no need to hold the button down at this point, then click where you want the top left corner of the control to be located on the form, then whilst holding down the left mouse beginbers drag to where the bottom right corner of the control should be located.

Once the control is placed on the form you can visually resize it, change its location and modify its properties. In the screenshot below a Beginnerx, TextBox and Timer Sharpdevelop tutorial for beginners been added to the form, with the Timer shown in the non-visual component area of the Sharpdevelop tutorial for beginners designer.Setting PropertiesA control has properties that can be set at design time, changing how the control looks and reacts (e.g.

text displayed on a button, font used to display the text, and the background image on a button). These properties are displayed in the Properties window. From the View menu select Properties to open the Properties window.The properties are then displayed for the currently selected control.

You can view the properties of another control on the form by selecting it in the designer or by selecting its name in the drop down list at the top of the Properties window. EventsEach Windows Form control has events that you can catch and respond to. To see the events a control exposes, select the control in the designer and select the Events tab Form Events tab in the Properties window.To generate an event handler, select the event in befinners Properties window, enter a name, or leave it blank to fog the default name, and then double click the property or press the enter key.

The forms designer will then create an empty event handler method and switch to the form's source code ready for you to type in your code. The screenshot below shows the Snarpdevelop generated for the button's Click event. Trending Now• Server Side Form Validation in PHP Programming Shqrpdevelop .• PHP Tutorial for Beginners – 12 – The .• [Tutorial] Cómo ocultar los errores de PHP | Conf .• Php IDE – JetBrains PhpStorm 10 Full Key + Crack• Question: Should I Become a PHP Engineer from Zend• Tutorial 5 – PHP – Loops and Control Tuforial .• Question – Should Learn Ruby on Rails Over PHP• PHP Tutorial – Introduction• Codeigniter 02-Process of Codeigniter MVC• Using PHP/MySQL with Google Maps• HTML Tutorial 7 – Hyperlinks• Tutorial 2 – First PHP Script – Hello .• Tutorial 3 – PHP Data Types – Part 1• Codeigniter 03-Passing value to View with parameter• Tutorial:06 PHP Urdu/hind/English• Tutorial:03 PHP Urdu/hind/English• Tutorial:05 PHP Urdu/hind/English• Belajar WEB Programing PHP,MySql dan XAMPP – .• Tutorial:04 PHP Urdu/hind/English• Codeigniter 01-How to install Codeigniter in WAMP• Home• Css Tutorials• Dotnet Tutorials• Html Tutorials• Jquery Tutorials• Php Tutorials Why choose C# when we have tons programming languages like Java?

Well, C# solves many drawbacks that Java has and it is consistently being develop with the blessings of .NET capabilities. In this tutorial, we will explore the four fundamental features of object-oriented programming languages like C# and move onto downloading and installing .NET Framework and SharpDevelop Editor for Windows.

Shortly after the installation, we will attempt to write our first code and compile and run it beginers command-prompt/cmd.SharpDevelop : Framework : .NET Bgeinners (Software) C# (Programming Language) dot net tutorial dot net tutorial w3schools dot net tutorial with c# dot net tutorials dot net tutorials for beginners dot net tutorials for beginners c sharp Microsoft Windows (Operating Syst.

SharpDevelop (Software) Software (Industry) Tutorial (Media Genre) • Dawid Paszko on Quick Google Tag Manager Introduction | Lesson 1 | Measureschool• Javier Viñas on Quick Google Tag Manager Introduction | Lesson 1 | Measureschool• hildaamethyst on Holographic foil | How to foil wedding invitations using the a laminator | Tjtorial invitation• RedRebel8 on Installing MySQL (Windows 7)• Prashant Bhat on Installing MySQL (Windows 7)

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