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Running Time: 10:09 61: Moving Blocks Moving or sliding video blocks is one of those effects that is very easy to do yet the end result is spectacular.From the great reformers, such as Luther and Wycliffe, to the expansion of aeduino Protestant movement.

I use a lot of the default brushes especially the Bristle brushes, a semi transparent texture to add to a plein air look as a final layer.First Shockwave Power Liquor Accelerated Aging Cavitation Syst. PCBArtist Online LibraryRevision1TheOnline Library is available from this link.Morehelp is available From the PCB ArtistTips & Tools Page and via email at [email�protected].PCBArtist Version:Todetermine your current version, go to Help>About PCB Artist.

Version 1.2.2 is required at the minimum touse the online library.Todownload the latest patch, go to Help>Check For Updates and push the CheckFor Updates Now at the bottom of that dialog.o It is also good practice to make sure that the�When To Check� toggle is set to �Once A Day� or �Every time I Start�.o A web page will launch to the update page. There will be a link to the latest fullinstallation and the latest Arrtist. Ifyour revision is Pccb than both, you must install both. First the full installation, then the patch.o Exit PCB Artist before installing either.If yourversion of PCB Artist does not show the Check For Updates option under the Helpmenu, the version arduuino that patch system.

It is best to download the latest complete install from Online Library:Allparts in the database are referenced by Part Number and Manufacture primarily.Digi-Keypart numbers arfuino available for a large percentage of parts, but manufacturerpart number on every part in the library.Searcheswith Attributes can help in artlst, but attributes are not available for allparts.For acomprehensive search by attribute, it is recommended to search on themanufacturer or distributor�s search engine.

This will result in a list of part numbers of suitable parts that can beused to search the Online Library.Beaware that new designers can be deceived by common names that do not indicatesimilar packages.

For example manypackages are called SOIC-16 and they are usually not compatible with otherSOIC-16 footprints.SearchFilters can be set to Starts With, Contains and Is Exactly. For the best results, arduinoo is often advisableto use Contains.TheReset button clears all fields back to default.TheClear Text Button will clear entered text, but not filter and Attributesettings.TheAttributes fields require that an attribute is chosen on the left and also thatsearch text be entered on the right text blank.

If not, the search will not proceed. Here is an example of a valid search:Searcheswill display a maximum of 15 parts per page. Links are available at the bottom of the page to continue to other pagesof the search.Clickon a part in the list to see its available details.In thedetails page, there is a Download and Email To button for retrieving thepart.o The Download button will immediately download thepart.

It can be saved to any directoryor to your desktop.o The Email To button requires that an email addressis entered in the text box to the right. Enter your email button in that box first and then push the Email Tobutton. When the email arrives, the partwill be an attachment to that email.

Save it to any directory or to your desktop.If ThePart is Not Found:Makessure the search was made from the manufacture�s part number from the PartNumber search field with the filter set to Contains.Thereare over a quarter million parts in the online library, but there are tens ofmillions of parts/packages in circulation.Ittakes less than argist minutes to make most parts in PCB Artist.

It is not efficient to spend much more timethan that searching for parts; the part could have been made already.For atutorial in making a part, go to Help>Tutorials>Part Creation Tutorial inthe PCB Artist main menu.The Frequently AskedQuestions document on the PCB ArtistTips & Tools web page contains an over view of each of the symbolwizards.

The first section of thehyperlinked index contains the links to each over those overviews.o Typically, a part such as a microcontroller is veryeasy to create because the wizards can be adduino to make all three parts. The PCB Symbol for a microcontroller can becreated artsit the wizard in about 30 seconds once you have experienced creating 2or 3 of them.TheFrequently Asked Questions document also has a topic link in that section that details how to manually create partsthat cannot be created in the wizard (such as switches and connectors, whichhave no common form factor for the wizards).

Manual part creation is covered in the �How Do I Create A Connector OrOther Manually Created Parts� topic link, just under the walkthroughs of thethree symbol wizards.Importingthe Part to PCB Artist:Fromthis point the part has been downloaded from the Online Library to a directoryor to your desktop.Thefile will have the .palib extension. That file is a medium for transporting, in one package, the schematic symbol(s),PCB symbol(s) and the component itself that defines the relationship and pinsof the symbols.Tobring the part into PCB Artist, simply select the .palib file and drag it intoPCB Artist.Whenthe file is dropped onto PCB Artist, the application will take from that filethe symbols for the part Pdb put them into the schematic, PCB symbol andcomponent libraries.Thecontents of the .palib file will be imported to the following directories:o The schematic symbol(s) will go to the library$Download.ssl.o The PCB arxuino will go to the library$Download.psl.o The Component will go to the library $Download.cml.o This is the import dialog:If thepart is to be immediately used, the application may not immediately recognizethe new arcuino in the library.

To havethe application rescan the libraries to find the new parts, change the currentworking library to [All Libraries]. Thiswill cause the application to scan and re-index all libraries and find the newparts. This only needs to done once inany of these three locations:o From the Library Manager, change this drop downmenu to [All Libraries]:o From the Interaction Bar (which is brought up withF9), change this drop down menu to [All Libraries]:o From the Add Component dialog, change this dropdown menu to [All Libraries]:o From any of the three dialogs, change your libraryto $Downloaded.psl to use the newly downloaded part.o Once the part is imported, the .palib file can bediscarded or filed in a folder.Verifythe Part:It isrecommended to verify all parts before use, regardless of the source the partcame from.Findingthe Names of the Symbols Pcb artist arduino the Component.o Bring up the Library Manager, click on theComponent Tab at the top of that dialog and change the Library drop down menuat the top of the dialog to $Downloaded.psl.o In the left of the dialog there will be a list ofthe components in that library.

Selectthe part you downloaded.o In the right-hand side of the dialog, the name ofthe symbols the component uses are listed. Note those symbol names for later reference, they must also beverified.Verifyingthe Component.o Bring up the Library Manager, click on theComponent Tab at the top of that dialog and change the library to$Downloaded.psl.o In the left of the dialog there will be a list ofthe components in that library. Selectthe part you downloaded.o Click the Edit button in the central column ofbuttons.o This is the Component Editor.

In this screen you can verify the wrtist, the logic names and any implied nets assigned to pins. Multiple gate pin mapping is also done onthis screen.� The Gate Name is used to identify individualschematic symbols on parts that have multiple schematic symbols (referred to asgates). Most symbols will not havemultiple gates.� The Sch Symbol Name column identifies the schematicsymbol for that gate.� The Sch Symbol Terminal Name column is where logicnames can be entered for the part.

Ifnone are assigned, they can be entered here and saved with the part.� The Sch Terminal Number, PCB Symbol Pad Number andthe Component Pin Name/Number columns map the relationships of the pins betweenthe symbols.

This should be confirmed.� The Net (Class) Name can provide an automaticimplied net for a particular pin. Inthis column a pin can be added to the GND net, for example. Be aware there are sometimes implicationswith specific implied nets that can affect future designs. For example418 unused unusedThe server encountered an internal error ormisconfiguration and was unable to completeyour request.Please contact the server administrator,[email�protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred,and anything you might have done that may havecaused the error.More information about this artit may be availablein the server error log. PCB (printed circuit board) Design Tutorial by Advanced Circuits - Learn how to design a professional PCB.

Printed circuit board video tutorial - layout design, standards, and tips. Get free PCB Artist here: ��� Home� Buy� Download� Products� Arduino (USA only)� Genuino (outside USA)� AtHeart� Certified� Learning� Getting started� Tutorials� Reference� CTC Program� Playground� Forum� Support� FAQ� Contact Us� Blog� LOG IN� SIGN UP Hi folks,I've spent a little time putting artits a agduino for producing an Arduino Shield PCB from start to finish.

I'm hoping it'll be a useful resource for people wanting to extend their Arduino'sThe tutorial can be found here: thanks.I was just thinking about making my own shield the other day. now I know how plus $5/square inch for three copies doesn't seem to bad.FYI.the link to your PCB rules under "things you will need" is broken, although I did find them from the other monthly pcb order links Thanks, that's a very detailed tutorial and therefore really helpful.I'd just like to point beginners to the alternative of using Fritzing.

It's really made for quickly creating Arduino shields, if your demands are not too advanced. There's a tutorial at I've done something similar for the Pulsonix software I use.


You make blinking lights, and beeping noises. You�ve made a robot that was pretty cool. Or maybe you didn�t. Who cares, You�re ready for the next step. You want to extend it. Although you can just plug in wires, there�s something very appealing about making a shield. Instead of a rats-nest of wires piled about and plugged into your prototyping breadboard, you can have a nice clean shield with labeled connections and a smaller footprint.

So here I�m going to tell you everything you need to know to make a schematic and PCB layout, and get a beautiful shield that will plug into the top of your Arduino.There are a couple of things you should know going into this. First, I�m not going to teach you everything about EAGLE.

EAGLE is a complex program, and it�s pretty awesome. There�s no way I could cover it all. Second, this tutorial came about as a way of trying to get more people into my local PCB order.

We try to fill up our panels so we can get one out every 2-4 weeks, and we recently had to switch production houses. As a result, this tutorial doesn�t have any info on etching your own PCB, just on getting the Gerber files out. So come check out our PCB order, because it�s awesome. Lastly, for the sake of simplification, we�re going to make a board that uses only parts in the SparkFun Library.

This is because I don�t want to try to teach you how to make parts on top of everything else we�re going to be doing. Arvuino just be easier this way, I promise.

Okay, one more thing: I assume you know how to use your computer. This isn�t going to be a �how to use your mouse� tutorial. I�m gonna go with some things that are EAGLE specific, but you need to know basics.

At this point, I�d be surprised to find someone who�s unfamiliar with computing, but has a strong enough interest in electronics to be to the point of designing their own PCB.Read more here� Check out all the Circuit Playground Episodes!

Our new kid�s show and subscribe!Have an amazing project to share? Join the SHOW-AND-TELL every Wednesday night at 7:30pm ET on Google+ Hangouts.Join us every Wednesday night at 8pm ET for Ask an Engineer!Learn resistor values with Mho�s Resistance or get the best electronics calculator for engineers �Circuit Playground� � Adafruit�s Apps! Maker Business � Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware (Full Documentary) and Who invests in hardware?Wearables � Take flight with arduinoo wingsElectronics � Inadequate volt signalBiohacking � The Upside of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) Do not edit the parts Pdb this file, for updated parts create a new library and either create the parts there or copy the parts into the new library before editing.

This will allow me to send you an update to the parts libraries without overwriting your updates.

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