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Brilliant LegacyAlso known asShining InheritanceWritten bySo Hyun-kyungDirected byJin HyukStarringHan Hyo-jooLee Seung-giBae Soo-binMoon Chae-wonOpening theme"Only You" by Kang Ha-niCountry of originSouth KoreaOriginal language(s)KoreanNo. of episodes28ProductionExecutive producer(s)Huh WoongRunning timeSaturdays and Sundays at 21:45 ( KST)Production company(s)Pan EntertainmentReleaseOriginal networkSeoul Broadcasting SystemOriginal releaseApril 25 ( 2009-04-25)�� July 26, 2009 ( 2009-07-26)ChronologyPreceded byFamily's HonorFollowed byStyleExternal linksWebsiteBrilliant LegacyHangul??? ??Hanja? ? drsma ? ?Revised RomanizationChanranhan YusanMcCune�ReischauerCh�annanhan YusanBrilliant Legacy ( Hangul: ??? ??; RR: Chanranhan Yusan; also known as Shining Inheritance) is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi, Bae Soo-bin and Moon Chae-won.

[1] [2] It aired kirea SBS from April 25 to July 26, 2009 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:45 for 28 episodes.It was among the top-rated Korean dramas of the year; it maintained its number one spot in the viewership ratings chart for 20 consecutive weeks and reached a peak rating of 47.1% for its last episode. [3] Contents� 1 Synopsis� 2 Cast� 2.1 Go family� 2.2 Sunwoo family� 2.3 Park family� 2.4 Extended cast� 3 Episode ratings� 4 Original soundtrack� 5 Awards and nominations� 6 International broadcast� 7 Remake� 8 References� 9 External linksSynopsis [ edit ]Go Eun-sung ( Han Hyo-joo) was studying overseas in New York and returned to Korea during her vacation to bring her autistic brother, Eun-woo ( Yeon Joon-seok), to the United States to study music.

Sunwoo Hwan ( Lee Seung-gi), who was also studying in New York, was ordered to return to Korea by his grandmother, Jang Sook-ja ( Ban Hyo-jung), to learn how to manage her food company.

Eun-sung and Hwan, who were on the frama flight back home, accidentally had their luggage bags exchanged, which led to several misunderstandings between the two.Go Pyung-joong (Jeon In-taek), Eun-sung's father, was struggling to save his company from going bankrupt. One day, his episofe and valuables were stolen by a epizode who subsequently died in a gas explosion accident.

The police, upon finding Pyung-joong�s belongings on the thief, mistakenly identified the thief as him and episodde death certificate for Pyung-joong was promptly issued. He decided to lie low and not tell his family that he was alive so that his family could claim his life insurance money and use it to clear the debts.

However his second wife, Baek Sung-hee ( Kim Mi-sook), kicked her stepchildren, Eun-sung and Eun-woo, out of the house brilliant legacy korea drama last episode 6 collecting the insurance money and moved into a new home with her daughter, Yoo Seung-mi ( Moon Chae-won). Seung-mi was also Hwan's longtime best friend, hoping to be something more.Eun-sung asked for help from several of her friends, including Hyung-jin, who avoided her because she was no longer rich.

She managed to find a job at a nightclub with the help of her friend, Hye-ri. At the nightclub, Eun-sung met Hyung-jin's upperclassman, Park Joon-se ( Bae Soo-bin), who was shocked to see her working there. Kkrea also met Hwan, who caused her to lose contact with Eun-woo. Realizing that Eun-woo was missing, Eun-sung was devastated and tried searching for her brother but to no avail.

With the help of Hye-ri dama Joon-se, Eun-sung rented a small room and started a small dumplings stall while continuing her lst for Eun-woo.Meanwhile, Sook-ja became deeply disappointed in her grandson as Hwan had no direction in life and did not know how to cherish her company and employees.

While pondering over what to do about her grandson, Sook-ja visited a neighborhood that she used to live in when she was poor and encountered Eun-sung, who was selling dumplings. Sook-ja encountered an accident and received help from Eun-sung.

Seeing that Eun-sung tried her best to take care of her even when she could not afford her own daily expenses, Sook-ja was touched by Eun-sung's compassion. She brought Eun-sung home, then announced to her family that Eun-sung was going to live with them episodee that she was going to appoint Eun-sung as the heir of her food company, if she could raise the profits of the sinking second brilliwnt by 20%.

Cast [ edit ] Go family [ edit ]� Han Hyo-joo as Go Eun-sung [4]� Jeon In-taek as Go Pyung-joong (father)� Kim Mi-sook as Baek Sung-hee (stepmother)� Moon Chae-won as Yoo Seung-mi (stepsister)� Yeon Joon-seok as Go Eun-woo (younger brother)Sunwoo family [ edit ]� Lee Seung-gi as Sunwoo Hwan [5]� Ban Hyo-jung as Jang Sook-ja (grandmother)� Yu Ji-in as Oh Young-ran (mother)� Han Ye-won as Sunwoo Jung (younger sister)� Lee Seung-hyung as Pyo Sung-chul (Father)Park family [ edit ]� Bae Soo-bin as Park Joon-se� Choi Jung-woo as Park Tae-soo (father)Extended cast [ edit ]� Min Young-won as Lee Hye-ri (Eun-sung's friend)� Jung Suk-won as Jin Young-seok (Hwan's friend)� Son Yeo-eun as Jung In-young (Eun-sung and Seung-mi's friend)� Kim Jae-seung as Lee Hyung-jin (Joon-se's junior colleague)� Baek Seung-hyeon as Lee Joon-young / Manager Lee (store manager)� Park Sang-hyun as Han Soo-jae (store worker)Episode ratings [ edit ] DateEpisodeNationwideSeoul2009-04-25116.9% (3rd)17.0% (3rd)2009-04-26219.2% (4th)19.6% (5th)2009-05-02315.9% (3rd)15.6% (3rd)2009-05-03421.7% (3rd)21.6% (4th)2009-05-09521.8% (1st)23.1% (1st)2009-05-10626.5% (2nd)27.7% (1st)2009-05-16724.7% (2nd)25.1% (1st)2009-05-17828.5% (1st)29.6% (1st)2009-05-23926.8% (1st)27.4% (1st)2009-05-241029.1% (1st)29.4% (1st)2009-05-301128.5% (1st)28.1% (1st)2009-05-311233.4% (1st)33.3% (1st)2009-06-061328.5% (1st)29.2% (1st)2009-06-071433.4% (1st)33.3% (1st)2009-06-131530.9% (1st)30.4% (1st)2009-06-141634.1% (1st)34.4% (1st)2009-06-201732.9% (1st)32.7% (1st)2009-06-211835.5% (1st)36.1% (1st)2009-06-271933.0% (1st)33.8% (1st)2009-06-282039.9% (1st)40.6% (1st)2009-07-042135.6% (1st)35.7% (1st)2009-07-052239.7% (1st)40.1% (1st)2009-07-112338.5% (1st)37.6% (1st)2009-07-122441.8% (1st)41.7% (1st)2009-07-182540.1% (1st)39.9% (1st)2009-07-192643.4% (1st)44.0% (1st)2009-07-252744.6% (1st)45.3% (1st)2009-07-262847.1% (1st)47.4% (1st)Average31.9%32.1%Source: TNS Media Korea Original soundtrack [ edit ]� Only You (? ???) � Kang Ha-ni (Opening Title)� The Person Living in My Heart (? ??? ?? ??) � Isu� Crazy in Love (??? ???) � Ji-sun� Love is Punishment (??? ???) � K.Will� Spring Rain � Ji-hye� Dear Sister (??? ??)� Catch Hwan (??? ???)� Are We Family?

(??? ?????)� Funny Life� The Road Leading to You (??? ?? ?)� Smile Working� Last Lie (??? ???)� Bickering (????)� Memories of Separation (??? ??)� Spring Rain (Guitar Ver.)� Destiny, the Second Story (??, ? ??? ???)Awards and nominations brilliant legacy korea drama last episode 6 edit ] Brillianf Mnet 20's Choice Awards [6]Hot Male Drama StarLee Seung-giWonHot Female Drama StarHan Hyo-jooWonSBS Drama Awards [7] [8]Top Excellence Award, ActressKim Mi-sookWonExcellence Award, Actor in a Special Planning DramaLee Seung-giWonBae Soo-binNominatedExcellence Award, Actress in a Special Planning DramaKim Mi-sookNominatedHan Hyo-jooWonBest Supporting Actor in a Special Planning DramaLee Seung-hyungNominatedBest Supporting Actress in a Special Planning DramaYu Ji-inNominatedTop 10 StarsHan Hyo-jooWonLee Seung-giWonBae Soo-binWonBest CoupleLee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-jooWonAchievement AwardBan Hyo-jungWon201046th Baeksang Arts Awards [9]Best DramaBrilliant LegacyNominatedBest Actress (TV)Han Hyo-jooNominatedBest New Director (TV)Jin HyukNominatedBest New Actor (TV)Lee Seung-giNominatedBest Screenplay (TV)So Hyun-kyungNominatedMost Popular Actor (TV)Lee Seung-giWon37th Korea Broadcasting Awards [10]Best Serial DramaBrilliant LegacyWon5th Seoul International Drama Awards [11] [12] [13]Outstanding Korean ActressHan Hyo-jooWonMost Popular ActorLee Seung-giWon201144th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival [14]Platinum Remi AwardBrilliant LegacyWon17th Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Awards [15]ForeignI loved grandma's decision to disinherit her relatives and wish more rich people would do the same with their good for nothing families, but the way in which it was all delivered isn't the best of ideas towards Eun Sung.As if the girl needed another reason to be unjustly hated by everyone.This drama is wpisode of twists and turn and very typical, but I must confess it gets pretty addictive, read more once the first episodes are over.I sure want to see how these three shopaholics are going to fair.

Not to mention that if Hwan is penniless, is pretty much useless as bf material in the eyes of greedy stepmother, who will probably order her daughter to seduce Manager Park's son. LOL Here we are! The last of the year-end review series. This post is something new, but I thought it would be an interesting experiment.

Although each of us reviewers has our personal favorites, which we outlined in our personal reviews, it�s a different thing to move past preference and try to be objective in a. More � Tags: Accidental Couple, Again My Love, Assorted Gems, awards, Boys Before Flowers, Brilliant Legacy, City Hall, Editors' Picks, Friend Our Legend, IRIS, Kyung Sook Kyung Sook's Father, Queen Seon-deok, Return of Iljimae, Smile, Story of a Man, year in review, year in review 2009, You're Beautiful (I�m very pleased to introduce guest review #2, which comes to you courtesy of thunderbolt.

Tune back in tomorrow for more! �javabeans) Have you watched The Good, The Bad, The Weird? If you haven�t and the movie is available for rent in a store near you, pick it up and invite a few friends over. More � Tags: Accidental Couple, Again My Love, Assorted Gems, Brilliant Legacy, City Hall, Hometown of Legends 2009, Kyung Sook Kyung Sook's Father, Loving You a Thousand Times, Partner, Queen Seon-deok, Smile, Strike Love, The Man Who Can't Get Married, kotea in review, year in review 2009, You're Beautiful With the year coming to an end, that means it�s time to take stock of the past twelve months (well, eleven really) in kdramas.

The broadcast stations will be holding their awards ceremonies at the end of the month, and I�m working on my wrap-up of 2009�s offerings � as are some very talented (and. More � Tags: A Star's Lover, Accidental Couple, Angel's Temptation, Beanie Awards, Boys Before Flowers, Brilliant Legacy, Cain and Abel, Bfilliant Man, City Hall, Dream, Friend, Heading to the Ground, Hero, Hon, IRIS, Ja Myung Go, Job Well Done, Loving You a Thousand Times, My Fair Lady, Partner, Queen of Housewives, Queen Seon-deok, Return of Iljimae, Smile, Sons of Sol Pharmacy House, Story of a Man, Strike Love, Style, Tamra the Island, Triple, year in review, year in review 2009 I know it seems like most of the attention for My Fair Lady is squarely focused on the three main leads, leaving out fourth wheel Moon Chae-won, but she�s not really being overlooked in the greater scheme of things.

(I do think her presence in the story is markedly less important than the other three. More � The last (and first) drinking interview I posted was with Kang Ji-hwan (Part 1 and Part 2). Here�s a new one featuring Legzcy Hyo-joo, recent star of SBS�s hit weekend show Brilliant Legacy. Like Kang Ji-hwan�s, this one is also divided into two parts (Part 2 will be up soon!). �I haven�t had any. More � A drama that performs well right out of the gate is a drama the broadcast station wants to hold on to, so it�s no surprise that SBS�s Brilliant Legacy has confirmed a two-episode extension.

Currently halfway through its run, the series is closing in on 30% ratings. Furthermore, a source from the production team said. More � Yoon-ah, Park Su-jin The following article looks at pop singers who make the jump to acting and brilliant legacy korea drama last episode 6 of falls into the �No duh� category with its statement of the obvious.

But I think the topic is interesting, even if the article is overly simplistic. (It could have been a more persuasive piece if it. More � SBS�s weekend drama Brilliant Legacy continues to perform well. No, I�m still not following it � I just don�t think it�s for me � but by all accounts it�s zipping along nicely.

The leads are the fresh-faced and cute Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo; but although he�s not the lead character, actor Bae Draa is. More � Moon Chae-won, Bae Soo-bin, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi SBS�s Saturday-Sunday drama Brilliant Legacy [??? ??, aka Shining Inheritance] is pulling in the highest ratings among the weekend dramas, with yesterday�s episode recording a 26.8%.

It airs against KBS�s historical series Iron Empress (13.3%) and MBC�s Strike Love (4.1%, ouch). Meanwhile, at an earlier hour vrilliant. More � recent posts� The K2: Episode 1� Beans of Wisdom: What�s in a name?� On the Way to the Airport: Episode 1� Looking for answers from W writer Song Jae-jung� Shopping King Louis: Episode 2� Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 9� Team Dramabeans: What we�re watching� Alst Ji-min to cameo as Jo Jung-seok�s blind date in Jealousy Incarnate� Running Man: Episode 317� Open Thread #466Categories � Celebrity News� Chungmuro News� Drama Casting & News� Drama Reactions & Reviews� Drama Recaps� Extended Glossary� Kpop & Music� Meta� Open Thread� Podcasts� Pop Culture & Society� Sitcoms/Variety Shows� Theater/Musicals Prime-Time Shows This WeekMonday-Tuesday (September 19-20)� Moonlight Drawn By Clouds 9-10 (KBS)� Monster 48-50 (MBC)� Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 8-9 (SBS)� Drinking Solo 5-6 (tvN)Wednesday-Thursday (September 21-22)� On the Way to the Airport 1-2 (KBS)� Shopping King Louis 1-2 (MBC)� Jealousy Incarnate 9-10 (SBS)Weekend (September 23-25)� Laurel Tree Tailors 9-10 (KBS)� Blow Breeze 9-10 (MBC)� Flower in Prison 38-39 (MBC)� Our Gap-soon 9-10 brilpiant Second to Last Love 12-13 (SBS)� Fantastic 7-8 (JTBC)� Cinderella and the Four Knights 13-14 (tvN)� The K2 1-2 (tvN) Well folks, I bring you the final episode of a great series.The episode starts off with Seung Mi�s mother planning to jump off the roof because she has caused so much hardship for Seung Mi.

However, Seung Mi convinces her mother past she shouldn�t jump because without her, Seung Mi could not live. Because her mother is the only one in the world who would ever love her. After realizing that Seung Mi still cares and needs for her, Seung Mi�s mother decides to live just for her.The next day Seung Mi�s mother sells the apartment and returns all the money to Eun Sung�s father.

She asks that they try and forgive Seung Mi at least because all the problems were due to her. Eun Sung�s father decides to let them go because he feels somewhat responsible for the events that happened. Also, Seung Mi decides to see Hwan one more time and asks that they just take a bus ride together.With this money, Eun Sung is given another chance to go study abroad. She decides to take Eun Woo with her so that he can study at a school and become a pianist and composer. Wow Eun Sung knocks out the guy who hid her brother!Eun Sung decides to tell Hwan about her decision.

At first he was mad at her because she seem to be running away now that they finally can be together, but he finally realizes that Eun Sung is finishing her dream and supporting Eun Woo�s future.As Eun Sung is picking up Eun Legac, she finds out, from Eun Woo, that Hwan truly loved her and that he thinks she doesn�t care for him. After a talk with her dad, Eun Sung decides to not leave with any regrets.

She jumps on past bus and heads to Hwan. At the same time, Hwan is running to the bus stop because he doesn�t want to let her leave without first telling her again his feelings for her.

The two are able to meet at the bus stop. There Eun Sung asks Hwan to wait for her because she promises him that she will be back for him.

With this, he decides to let her go. But he decides to stay back in Korea in order to create memories with his grandmother before it�s too late. Hwan then walks Eun Sung home hand in hand. He doesn't want to let her go ever again.Eun Sung then says her goodbyes to all her friends.

She bids her farewells to Jun Se and Hye Rie. On top of that her old friend repents for her jealousy towards her and asks for forgiveness. After saying her goodbyes, Eun Sung departs from them and prepares to leave. We then cut to Hwan�s household. There Hwan�s mother finally figures out that the butler likes her.

On top of that the grandmother gives her blessings to the butler to take care of her daughter in-law. All you get is handshake??Hwan decides to enter the company as a regular employee, there he makes a proposal to open a store in New York.

His grandmother ends up calling him out on why he might want to go to America (if it is not obvious, Hwan is going to be with Eun Sung as she is in America). And Jung decides to try and find a real paying job. This is just evidence that the grandmother�s plan works out.We then pan over to Seung Mi.

She legaccy become a teacher in a remote village. Her mother is now selling flowers for a florist. The two live happily together, moving on from their old life in Legac decides to take Eun Sung out for one more date. He ends up bringing her to the spot where his father died. There he decides to have lunch with her. He makes her fish while he prepares food.

After eating and discussing the future, they decide to take a walk. On the walk, Eun Sung finally admits to Hwan that she loves him, and then kisses him.Well this episodw the show to an end.

Now this show has probably been one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Despite the few complaints I have had, this show has done an amazing job of developing the plot and creating just amazing characters. Well thanks for reading and following me as I blog this amazing show. Absolute Boyfriend Adaptations A Song to the Brilljant Boys Before Flowers Goong Group 8 Impressions Inkigayo IRIS Itazura na Kiss It Started with a Kiss Korean Drama Kpop M!Countdown Midnight Sun Music Bank Music Core My Fair Lady Photography Preview Random Recap Remake Shining Inheritance Special Style Taiyou no Uta Take Care of the Young Lady Tamna Tempted Llegacy Zettai Kareshi� Categories� Drama News� Japanese Drama� Japanese Movie� Korean Drama� Kpop� Bdilliant strong episode:) You know, Shining Inheritance had one of the slowest romantic build-ups I�ve ever seen in a drama, pulling us through with tiny, teasing, delightful tid-bits and really great characterizations, legwcy now that the romance finally has hit its stride, it was well worth waiting for.

After all that Eun-Seung and Hwan have been through, hurting each other, rejecting each other, tolerating each other, occasionally reaching out and showing the other that they�re a decent person, it�s so dama satisfying�to finally see them seeing each other with new eyes, making tiny, hesitant advances toward having a positive relationship instead of a negative, and the once-an-episode, amazing out-and-out romantic, chemistry-laden scenes that are dished out now and then(the bus scene from last weekend!

lwgacy. Shining Inheritance isn�t one of those dramas that you want necessarily to go shout from the rooftops and tell everyone to watch immediately(ie Coffee Prince). But it is one of the most thoroughly and consistently enjoyable dramas I�ve seen in a long time, and definitely one I�d recommend that everyone see at some point.Watch ep 19 on ViikiiEpisode summary:Eun-seung finds out that her mother took all her father�s life insurance.Incredibly shaken, she doesn�t go back to work and forgets all about how she was supposed to meet Hwan at the church.

When she doesn�t show up, korfa gets worried, a worry which only increases as the hours pass. When she still hasn�t arrived home by late at night, he calls Jun-se and asks him if Eun-seung is with him, and when he discovers that she�s not gets her phone number. Jun-se and Episde, alarmed by the call, go check out Hye-Ri�s place to see if Eun-seung is there, but she�s not. Jun-se goes out to keep looking for her and Hye-Ri says to call her if he finds her.

Hwan calls Eun-seung but she�s not picking up, sitting alone on a bench in the dark staring sightlessly into space. Hwan goes out to the bus-stop and waits for her, growing frantic with worry. Finally, a bus drops her off, and Hwan confronts her in mingled anger and relief, demanding what she was doing worrying �a person� like that and how could she not let him know, saying that she�s driving his insides crazy.

Eun-seung, confused, says that she�s sorry but why was he worrying about her like that? Hwan, going insane, demands back �What? I can�t worry about you? Why can�t I worry about you?�. Jun-se, passing by in his car on his search for her, sees them, but passes on by, noting their intimate situation. Eun-seung and Hwan go back home.The next day, Eun-seung leave early, and Hwan, noticing that she isn�t there, finds out that she didn�t even eat breakfast.

At lunch, when she�s about to leave without eating again, he goes out and stops her, telling her to eat first. She refuses, and when he insists tells him not to worry about her, that he should worry about the woman he�s going to marry, i.e. Seung-mi. Hwan is confused by this mention of Seung-mi.Jun-se comes by the store looking for Eun-seung after finding out about her relationship with Seung-mi and lrgacy mother, and tells Hwan not to like or worry about Eun-seung because he�ll only hurt her.Later, Hwan and Seung-mi meet up for lunch, and he tells her that he�s realized that it was she also who wanted to keep Eun-seung�s relationship to her secret.

He clearly doesn�t, however, impute bad motives to her for this.Eun-seung has a confrontation with her stepmother in which she threatens to reveal everything to Hwan and his grandmother, telling her step-mother to �live uncomfortably� under the knowledge that she could at any time. Her stepmother, driven to desperation, convinces Seung-mi to help her after showing her Hwan treating Eun-seung well on their rounds, and the two go to Hwan�s house, where they tell a pack of lies with just enough truth mingled in to be convincing, to show that Eun-seung knew all along who Hwan�s grandmother(and Hwan) was and that this has all been her plot to get money/the inheritance.Seung-mi and her mother leave, and Eun-seung, heartbroken, doesn�t bother to defend herself after Young Ran(Hwan�s mother) slaps her and it seems that everyone is against her, and immediately packs up and leaves the house.

Hwan and his grandmother are clearly undecided about what they�ve just heard.ThoughtsThis episode was more of the same in some ways, only more of the same at a more intense level.

Srama is broken to an even greater degree to find out the level of her stepmother(and Eun-seung�s) betrayal and deceit, there�s another tense confrontation with her step-mother, which this time drives her step-mother to action, and there is definitely more of Eun-seung finding out about how evil her mother is and still going along with it(I despise her.

She�s so spineless), and, of course, there is the step-mother and Eun-seung scheming and being relentlessly, ruthlessly deceitful and cruel in order to get what they want. If anyone was in any doubt about how far Korez would go to save her relationship with Hwan, however, this episode answered it; Seung-mi is all too clearly now on the side of the bad guys.

One of the structures which this drama relies on, I think, is the contrast between Eun-seung and Seung-mi; the one, so strong in facing life�s battles and what needs to be done and yet so constantly self-sacrificng also(was there ever a tougher saint?) and the other, unable to influence any of the events going on around her, constantly swayed by events and emotions, and governed by an instinctive, stubborn selfishness.

It also struck me during this episode that as far as Han Hyo Joo�s acting skills go, she has particular strengths and weaknesses. She�s rather bad at appearing surprised � google-eyed is how I would describe her response to Hwan everytime he says something that surprises her, e.g. when he asks why he can�t worry about her � but she excels at portraying heartache, despair, and misery � that moment when she comes out of legacyy insurance office and slumps, clinging to the wall, racked with such strong emotions as to feel physically sick, is some great acting.

I�m excited for the next one, particularly as it�s clear that Hwan, continuing in his process of rapidly growing up and becoming a man, clearly decides to trust Eun-seung no matter what the apparent circumstances or facts:)Favorite moments:-When Eun-seung finds out about the insurance and is shaken so much that she feels physically sick(I only wished Hwan could have been around to find her in that state:)-When Hwan demands, �Why can�t I worry about you?�-When Eun-seung opens the box and realizes that Hwan has bought her expensive suchi while he himself eats cheap kimbap, and then he puts water by her side tooYou know what my dream scene would be right now?

For Eun-sung to lose Eun-woo yet again and break down completely and turn to Hwan�instinctively and bury her head in his shoulder -with Jun Se standing right there, while he, initially stunned that she�d turn to him, puts his arms around her and comfort her.

ahhh!!!In lieu of that, however, I�ll take a continuation of the solid storytelling, birlliant acting, and delightful shippiness that�s coming out more and more. Tagged: brilliant legacy, brilliant legacy ep 19, brilliant legacy ep 19 summary, Han Hyo Joo, Kdrama reviews, Kdramas, Lee Seung Gi, Shining Inheritance, shining inheritance ep 19 eng sub, shining inheritance ep 19 summary, shining inheritance ep 19 synopsis, shining inheritance ep 19 thoughts, watch brilliant legacy ep 19 online, watch shining inheritance ep 19 online Post navigation art beauty book love book review books coffee color contemporary poetry creativity Doctor Who fantasy feminism film funny illustration inspiration Kdrama light literary journal love love poem magic modern poetry music painting photography poem poetry reading romance sea tea travel TV writing Caffeine�When kids have access to safe water they can spend their time at school, not collecting wateIt looks like the email we have in your account is invalid.

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So very very good!I adore Grandmother, I think Eun Sung is wonderful (total girlcrush), I think Hwan's Mom and Sis are a total waste of space (during the scene where Grandma tells everybody she is disowning them, Hwan is disbelieving and mad but also hurt, but Sis and Mom are just pissed off), I am enjoying Hwan's slow evolution into a human being, get a kick out of figuring what dastardly thing Stepmonster would do next, and really korfa Seung Mi.But I think it's this scene that sold me on him - he really is capable of feeling sorry and recognizing he is in the wrong.He still has a very long way to go, though.I have to say, while Lee Seung Gi is not my type at all, physically, he does a really good hurt face.Here he is after Eun Sung called him a bastard - of course that is why there is hope for him - he doesn't just get pissed off and shrug it off as of no account.And here he is being disowned.I have to say Grandma is being a bit selfish here - frama in disowning him, Sis and Mom, as they richly deserve it, but in designating Eun Sung as the heir - she is doing it to force her useless family to reform, but that's rather unfair to Eun Sung, giving her an expectation for it to be snatched away later.ETA: Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - Sis and Mom at the factory/dining outlet are hilarious - I literally LOLed.ETA2: Hwan + drunken karaoke = win.

I know Lee Seung Gi is a singer but I am not into kpop at all so that's all I know so I was very pleasantly surprised not to have lebacy ears hideously assaulted by someone who sounded like a cat on acid (which is what drunken karaoke-ers usually sound like) but someone who actually has a nice voice and can korex a tune :P (I confess I am shallow because I found him automatically cuter because he can sing).ETA3: LOLOL, do his friends usually hang out with him just for the money?

LOLOL - with his personality, not too shocking. Also, using your limited amounts of cash for a lux hotel room = total fail. Lee Seung Gi (the actor) is 22 while his character is, not sure episove old, but not much more than mid-20s (he finished college though so has to be 22 at least).

Either way too young for me - I find his character interesting but can't drool over someone that much younger (ditto for someone like Kame brilliant legacy korea drama last episode 6 a lot of j-idols). but that's rather unfair to Eun Sung, giving her an expectation for it to be snatched away later.I thought that when Eun Sung found out, she didn't believe it. As in, she knows that Grandmother is only doing it for the Hwan reformation.

I'm pretty sure that's what I got from it.You need to finish soon so you can squeal with the rest of your f-list about this show! It's sooooo good and tonight's episode literally made my heart jump 3 beats faster. I haven't gotten to her finding out yet - hmmmm. Makes sense. Still, not entirely fair but oh well :)I am so amused at Stepmonster trying to land husband number 3.And seriously - I love the character development.

E.g. I went from burning Hwan hate to actually liking him mildly (while still thinking he needs to improve). haven't gotten to her finding out yetOops!

Sorry!And seriously - I love the character development.Yes. One of the main reason (actually THE main reason) I knew I was going to be sucked into this drama was because I wanted to see exactly HOW they were going to make Hwan likeable after making him a complete ass in the first few episodes.

I mean, completely unreedemable. And in the way that he had NO excuse for it, just his own spoiled brattiness.And honestly, the transition is so perfect. You're absolutely right. The character development is spot on. Gah. I don't mind spoilers like that - it was pretty clear she'd find out. Amd I just got to that point, too.I am now on start of 8 and I actually like Hwan now *shock* He still has a ways to go (can't wait until he finds out about what he did to Eun Sung in the dramz btw) but he is so much more human.Also, jail scene - AWESOME.I think part of the reason the story works is the ages.

He is fairly young - if he was still like the way he was in the beginning at 35, it would be another story. I don't care of lee seung gi physically either. He is cute, though, in his own way.As for Grandma and the inheritance, Eunsung knows why but you find out later that Grandma really does intend to give her the inheritance.

Eunsung just assumes that Grandma is just doing it for reformation. He (Seung Gi) is 3.5 years younger than me and I like him for some reason. I am rather weird though.I have to get through Fated To Love You (not really digging it) and watch a few other things, then I'll try watching this one.

Just have to get the computer more.Do you know if there's anywhere online to watch Delicious Gakuin (a j-drama) other than mysoju?? They only have the first 5 eps. I think I'm at episode 12 grilliant so (haven't really been paying attention) and I don't find it very watchable.

I'm more interested in the other male/secondary episoce the dog than the main story. lol.I just tried there and they only have the first 6 lfgacy. Someone suggested jdramas so I'll try there too. � anime - 522 uses� bollywood - 1043 uses� books - 1164 uses� boys over flowers - 465 uses� bridal mask - 240 uses� bsg - 603 uses� city hunter - 221 uses� dorama list - 230 uses� doramas - 2961 uses� doramas2 - 2880 uses� doramas3 vrilliant 2660 uses� doramas4 - 2651 uses� doramas5 - 1120 uses� dr who - 255 uses� east of eden - 225 uses� eye candy - 724 uses� faith - 279 uses� fanfic - 307 uses� brilliwnt - 351 uses� gloria - 222 uses� hana yori dango - 444 uses� hurt/comfort - 359 uses� iljimae - 224 uses� iris - 279 uses� kissing - 320 uses� korean - 291 uses� lee jun ki - 258 uses� lee min ho - 312 uses� manga - 528 uses� movies - 1037 uses� personal - 436 uses� poll - 439 uses� quotes - 261 uses� rant - 362 uses� screencaps - 2563 uses� screencaps2 - 618 uses� screencaps3 - 453 uses� screencaps4 - 1338 uses� screencaps5 - 736 uses� secondary otp - 225 uses� slave hunters (a.k.a.

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